Recruitment & Training Services

Chiarini Culinary Consultants Staff Recruitment Services, goes the extra mile to provide a positive and results-orientated recruitment experience for Clients and Job Seekers around the world.

Since our beginnings in 2009 we’ve focused on the global job market and niche industries. We’ve become experts in making people our business. By investing in relationships we consistently deliver shared rewards to our business, clients and candidates.

Chiarini Culinary Consultants Staff Recruitment Services, offers unmatched knowledge, cost efficiency and responsiveness for hotel chains, boutique hotels, cruise lines and restaurants at any level.

Additionally we work with our huge Global Network which enables us to place trainee programs literally in every and from every country in the world. This permits candidates and new talents to gain valuable experience and knowledge whilst business owners enjoy passionate and devoted quality at very low cost impact on their payroll.

We are known in the market for:

  • Our huge network of 30.000+ Chefs and Culinary Professionals in (All the Continents)

  • Outstanding Customer Service in Recruitment

  • Improving our clients’ productivity

  • Providing Real Solutions through Real Partnerships

  • Invaluable Industry Expertise

  • Success in placing people in Full Time, Part Time and Casual Employment

  • A Loyal, Engaged Temporary Workforce

  • Fair Charges to our clients, extremely competitive

  • Offices and Partners Globally to understand and tackle your staffing challenges locally.

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