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Attending a food show or culinary trade event is a good way to find new products for your restaurant, hotel or interesting ingredients and trends for your food manufacturing business. You can check out new trends within the restaurant food business, and make interesting and profitable contacts with industry experts. It is also a good way to meet potential new food suppliers and obtain quotes on products and merchandise.

But, the most fun of all, is to exhibit what you can make, and create for the food industry life throughout our presentations. We possess the expertise to project your brand and products with amazing ideas and life executions. Let us be the teller of your great story. At Chiarini Culinary Consultants we have been exposed with great success to some of the most relevant and important Food and Trade Shows Globally. Our clients and case studies range from food manufacturing, equipment manufacturing companies, hotels, chain or private restaurants and all the colors of the rainbow within the HORECA and Food Industry.

Some of the most relevant trade shows and Consumer shows, globally where we have rendered our expert culinary supports are:

  • FiE Food Ingredients Europe | Paris, Frankfurt and London.
  • Salon des Vins de France Perigueux | Paris, France
  • VinItaly | Verona, Italy
  • Olio Officina Food Festival | Milano, Italy
  • Cibus | Parma, Italy
  • Gourmets and Vins Paris | Paris, France
  • Wine Food & Good Living Expo | Helsinki, Finland
  • China Food Expo Chengdu | Chengdu, China
  • Food Week Korea | Seoul, Korea
  • PLMA | Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Food Inspiration Day | Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • BBC Good Food Show London | London, United Kingdom
  • The Good Food & Wine Show-Brisbane | Brisbane, Australia
  • Gourmet Food & Wine Expo Toronto | Toronto, Canada
  • Eat N Style-Cologne | Cologne, Germany
  • International Vintage Wine Expo | Beijing, China
  • China International Organic and Green Food Expo | Beijing, China
  • International trade Malaysia | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Some of the most relevant trade shows and Consumer shows, globally where we have rendered our expert culinary supports are:

  • Barcelona Degusta | Barcelona, Spain
  • Food & Life Expo | Munich, Germany
  • Guangzhou China International Food and Beverage Exhibition | Guangzhou, China
  • Taste Fully Food & Beverage Expo | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Hong Kong Food Festival | Hong Kong, China
  • BC FoodService Expo | Vancouver, Canada
  • Salon Des Vins Et De La Gastronomie De Lyon | Lyon, France
  • The Good Food & Wine Show-Adelaide | Adelaide, Australia
  • Seafood Barcelona | Barcelona, Spain
  • Cafe & Bar Style Exhibition | Tokyo, Japan
  • Kulinart Frankfurt | Frankfurt, Germany
  • Megavino | Brussels, Belgium
  • Thailand Retail Food & Hospitality Services | Bangkok, Thailand
  • Love Food & Wine Fair | Malmo, Sweden
  • InterFood Novosibirsk | Novosibirsk, Russia
  • Mafex | Casablanca, Morocco
  • Slow Food Market | Zürich, Switzerland
  • San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival | San Diego, United States Of America

Some of the most relevant trade shows and Consumer shows, globally where we have rendered our expert culinary supports are:

  • InterNoga | Hamburg, Germany
  • Salon Saveurs des Plaisirs Gourmands | Paris, France
  • Khadhya Khurak | Ahmedabad, India
  • Scotland Specialty Food Show | Glasgow, United Kingdom
  • Madrid Fusion | Madrid, Spain
  • Horeca | Athens, Greece
  • Hostess Middle East | Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • World Food Tech | Kiev, Ukraine
  • ALIMENTA | Bucharest, Romania
  • Basler Feinmesse | Basel, Switzerland
  • Restaurant Food Expo | Kiev, Ukraine
  • Peterfood | St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Prodexpo – Belarus | Minsk, Belarus
  • Singapore International Restaurant Show | Singapore, Singapore
  • Seafex | Dubai, United Arab Emirates​
  • Horecava | Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Gastronomie | Ultrecht, The Netherlands
  • Alimentaria | Barcelona, Spain

And many more…..

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