Restaurant & Hotel Openings

Services for Standing Restaurants

If you want to take your restaurant to the next level, we will bring our consulting skills to wherever you are and wherever you may need it the most. If your restaurant is facing big challenges, we will help you to quickly identify the major issues, and work out a plan to get you back on track, in a fast and affordable way.

Services for Startup Restaurants

If you’re starting a standing alone restaurant, or culinary operations within a hotel. Now is the most important time to consult with an expert. We can guide you to overpass the typical pitfalls that face all restaurant openings; including budgeting, menu planning, seasonal revenue fluctuations, and more.

Services for Restaurant Developers

We will be your one stop resource for: planning, design, concept, branding, decoration, front and back of the house operations, menu engineering, suppliers, product and ingredients selection, technical records and more. We will spare you from handling details, all the way to the opening hour and handling the key to you.

We will address all your concerns including: traffic flow, hiring the culinary team, stewarding and service staff, planning the optimal layouts, choosing and buying the right equipment, as well as setting and enforcing HACCP standards. In a nutshell all the broad and deep universe of details of the restaurant business and culinary operations without any hassle.

We can join your project right at the beginning or at any stage where you need our professional expertise.

Chiarini Culinary Consultants services for this segment includes:

  • Comprehensive assistance in restaurants & hotels pre-opening
  • Culinary task force for emergency services in restaurants and hotels globally
  • Restaurants kitchens and kitchen equipment designing
  • Nutrition and modern dietary cuisine in compliance with modern demands
  • Personalized and tailored menus for nutritional and dietary needs and food allergies
  • H.A.C.C.P standards design, auditing and enforcement
  • Culinary staff training in continental and international cuisines
  • Culinary staffing, HR and recruitment with 40.000+ professionals in our network​
  • Menu engineering and menu design in several cooking cultures
  • Culinary trends hunting and trend Pushing
  • Use, application and training in the latest culinary equipment and technologies
  • Expertise & assistance in culinary promotions, trade shows and consumer events
  • Food styling & photography - (magazines, retail, presentations, promotions & books)​
  • Special dinners and events for promotions, product launching, VIP and celebrities

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