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Our Complex Services for the Food Manufacturing Industry

At Chiarini Culinary Consultants we have broad expertise in the complex world of the food manufacturing and product development business. We have within our staff, true experts, ranging from R&D chefs, product developers, food technologists, and food engineers; all the way up to quality assurance experts and production managers. Our staff can meet the challenges of your production.

If you need to create a brand new product, to solve technical or rheological issues of your existing products, to reformulate recipes in order to reduce cost whilst enhancing its quality, or recommendations and applications of cutting edge ingredients that will bring your product to a gold standard; we have the right staff and the right knowledge for every need and application. Our services for this segment of the market involve analysis of your actual manufacturing process and the ingredients list.

No matter if it is up-stream or down-stream pasteurization, sterilization, hot-fill, pascal and any other process; we can detect the gap in the line that causes the under-performance of your product and we will recommend the right temperatures, times, Ph.’s and ingredients that will help your product to perform optimally during the process all the way up to the desired shelf life, freezing and thaw stability of your final product.

Our services in this segment also include, expertise in customer culinary application presentations, product cooking road-shows, trade-shows and trade-food stands culinary support for global brands or private labels. You are not too big or too small for us, and we will work hand-to-hand with your R&D, production, QA, marketing and sales departments to bring our mutual projects to a proven success.

Chiarini Culinary Consultants services for this segment includes:

  • Comprehensive assistance in product creation and ingredient reformulation
  • In Depth knowledge in the latest food ingredients & applications
  • In Depth knowledge in the latest food manufacturing processes
  • Culinary assistance in clean label solutions for the industry
  • Expertise in natural aromas and flavor application solutions
  • Expertise in clean label starch applications
  • Recipe reformulation & engineering for food the manufacturing
  • Special food technology presentations & demonstrations
  • Expertise in tasting panels for finished products for the retail
  • Culinary presentations for potential customers
  • Maintain awareness of current trends in consumer buying
  • Maintain awareness of current trends in retail and food consumption

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