Food Photography & Styling

Chiarini Culinary Consultants has partnered with several worldwide seasoned Food Photographers combining years of experience in Food Design, Digital Photography, and Photo Processing to bring your Food Promotions, Magazines, Books or Any other Culinary image to life.

We have Professionals in many locations such as: Italy, The United States, Turkey, Netherlands and Poland.

Chiarini Culinary Consultants provides Culinary Expertise that enhances your Food Styling Project because for us, it’s more than a picture. We understand Communications, Advertising, Corporate Image and we know that it’s not just making a food shot look pretty but also understanding the important factors.

We pay close attention to Layout, Composition, and Marketing appeal including Texture, Tone, Background, Angle, and Impact. Most important we work with natural products, free of additives or free of make-up enhancers.

We are an all-in-one, Cost Efficient Process. We are more than food styling. We also provide the Art Direction and we will work closely with your advertising or marketing group to define the communications objective for your project.

Through our process of creating a communications brief – an articulated document that defines the artistic direction of the photo – we can ensure that all the details of your project are engaged, and that the shoot will be meticulously prepared for the utmost in efficiency.

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