Culinary Trainings and Courses

Welcome to Chiarini Culinary Consultants Cooking Courses, for Hands-on, Simple, Intermediate or Advanced seasonal cookery. Whether you are an Amateur Cook, a Food Enthusiast or a Professional Chef, there's a course to inspire you. Lasting from one to four days, you can choose a course to match your specific area of interest.

You will be taught by our team of Experts’ Chefs and Authors, in the comfort of your own Home, Restaurant or Any Location of your choice, with an emphasis on local, seasonal produce with a nose-to-tail approach.

Your day will be totally hands-on and you’ll be making and tasting fantastic food as the day progresses and this will be accompanied by a delicious seasonal lunch or dinner. All in the wonderful surroundings of great raw materials and superb recipes that will take your skills to the next level.

We do On-line and On-site Trainings - Depending on your location or budget.

Courses Available

For Beginners - Food Enthusiasts and All Level Chefs:

Modern Vegetarian: This course is an ideal way of improving your vegetarian cookery or simply learning how to prepare meat-free dishes which are healthy and beautifully presented.

Nutrition and Dietary Cuisine: This course is an ideal way of improving your knowledge beyond comprehension in how to prepare Chemical-Free, Additives-Free, Allergens-Free and Anti-Aging Diet dishes which are healthy, delicious and beautifully presented.

Classic and Modern French Cuisine: Join us to explore the heart and soul of French cookery and delve into a style of cooking that has surrender to a world of good quality, and regional originality

Classic and Modern Italian Cuisine: Get serious about the Italian in your kitchen and learn to cook authentic food with Italian passion, authentic ingredients of a millenarian culinary culture.

Authentic Indian 1: Our one day Indian cookery course will teach you how to use herbs and spices to create a range of delicious authentic Indian starters and main courses.

Authentic Indian 2: Our one day More Authentic Indian cookery course offers a whole new range of authentic starters, mains and desserts.

Bread Making: Learn the art of traditional bread making and make classic, traditional and modern breads perfectly every time.

Chef Skills: This fast-paced, one-day course will show you professional cookery tips and techniques that you can apply to all areas of your cookery.

Christmas Dinners: This is a fun, one-day course that will teach you a wealth of time-saving tips and great recipes to help you make a magical, stress-free traditional Christmas Dinner this year.

Edible Christmas Gifts: A fun day making an attractive Edible Christmas gift boxes for your family and friends.

Cool Dinner Parties: Why spend hours chained to the cooker when you could be having fun? This course will teach you the art of quick, effective entertaining.

Express Dinner Parties: Expand your Dinner Party Repertoire with an entirely different and exciting menu of starters, mains and desserts and learning further techniques and tips; taking your skills to the next level. Be the talk of the town and impress with your new amazing creations.

Fish & Seafood: This popular course will show you the best ways to source, prepare, cook and serve fish and seafood.

Accurate Knife Skills: You don't need to be able to chop at chef speeds to cook well, but learning how to use knives to their best effect in the kitchen will make your cooking more effective and more...

Mediterranean Cuisine: Our one day Mediterranean course brings you up close to this exciting cuisine and fuses flavors from Spanish, Greek and Turkish cookery, as well as dishes from Lebanon and the Mediterranean countries.

Mother Sauces: A good sauce can make a magical contribution to your cooking. Join us on this master class to master the art of sauces.

Taste of the Americas: Join us on an exploration of the finest produce and local dishes available from the United States of America and learn how to develop classic recipes from this misunderstood culinary trend and yet great culture.

Caribbean Cuisine Course: Enjoy the pleasure of making exotic and mouthwatering recipes from one of the most desirable sea locations of the world.

South American Culinary Course: Discover the hidden flavors of one of the most mysterious cultures in the world, from the north coasts of Venezuela to the enigmatic Andino cuisine from the cordillera of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. All right there for you prepare with original products and techniques.

Modern & Molecular Culinary: Learn to cook the greatest modern and molecular cuisine with the latest ingredient technologies.

Patisserie: The finest ingredients, the most exquisite tastes, Patisserie is an indulgence to be enjoyed at any time of day.

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