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CEO/Celebrity Chef. Gianfranco Chiarini


CEO/Chef and Nutritionist Anna Chiarini

Rusi Karaivanov

Bulgaria and Southern Balkan Countries Partner.

Our new Regional Partner, Rusi Karaivanov born in Bulgaria. Rusi Karaivanov started in the hospitality industry since the tender age of 16, working as a waiter and a bartender. In 2007 left Bulgaria and went to the UK, where he spent 6 years learning the language and working as a cook for 3 years. Having now an overall 15+ years of experience in the hospitality industry from the back of the house to the front of the house and now as an owner and director of his own outlet; Rusi Karaivanov decides to join the CCC Team.

Rusi Karaivanov is also the proud owner and founder of Insolito Mediterranean Restaurant still (number 1 on TripAdvisor for the Primorsko area); located on the Bulgarian black sea. Insolito Mediterranean Restaurant became CCC’s restaurant opening number 210 and our latest creation, therefore Rusi knows at first hand the quality and efficacy that CCC can deliver in a challenging Eastern European market.

Joining the CCC Team is a bold decision that brings connections, networks and experience to our company and that through our services enables CCC to bring its vast quality and experience to the region and our customers. Feel free to contact Rusi Karaivanov for any information.

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Chef. Robert Nuey

Senior International Partner.

Executive Chef. Robert Nuey born in the United States of America, attended the Kendall College Culinary School 1994 - 1998 and was a member of the opening team for two awarded restaurants in the Chicago area: Bistro Europa & Green Dolphin Street. Additionally served as Chef for the French Consulate of Chicago from 1998 - 2002.

While employed in the Middle East working with the US State Department, he executed several events through the US Embassy in Afghanistan, US Consulate in Northern Iraq (Kurdistan), and numerous Special Event Dinners for Dyncorp Security Teams & the RSO (Regional Security Office) Shop and their agents.

He was a Senior Member of the Chiarini Culinary Exploration Team, participating in a trip to Ecuador in November 2012 and served as the right hand to Celebrity Chef. Gianfranco Chiarini in the Making and Completion of the Renaissance of Italian Cuisine Trilogy and the Gold Edition. Now he is a responsible partner for all CCC related Culinary Business and Engagements on a global scale.

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Alessandro Scipioni

Professional Food Photographer

Photographer: Alessandro Scipioni was born in Florence. His professional career began capturing images of tourist villages around Italy with one of the most important Italian photo-companies: Dario Gallino’s Photo Team, in charged of Sports Photography in ski competitions with the Italian National Team.

Returning to Florence, Alessandro started working with the professional studio of Gianni Ugolini. A famous and recognized photographer who made the history of Italian fashion photography in the 70’s and 80’s. Also recognized in the world of food photography.

Alessandro has engaged in important collaborations with recognized starred Italian restaurants such as: Enoteca Pinchiorri***, Arnolfo**, Oriental Mandarin Milan**, La Leggenda dei Frati*, Essenziale and Trussardi. Now as a part of the Chiarini Culinary Consultants Group, Alessandro is in charged of their photographic sessions and the capturing of images for their books and global image publications. Additionally with the CCC Group Alessandro faces the opportunity to expand his horizons on a global level.

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